Events in Lahti

The city of Lahti, just 24 km from Hotel Tallukka, plays host to numerous events throughout the year.

Below you will find details of many of the events taking place in lahti this year, but more can be found on the official Visit Lahti tourist website.

29 August–1 September 2018 The Lahti Fringe Festival
The Lahti Fringe Festival, part of the Nordic Fringe Network (NFN) circuit in 2018, will attract street artists, performers and partcipiants from many countries to Lahti.
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6–9 September 2018 The 19th International Sibelius Festival
The festival is organised by the Lahti Symphony Orchestra at Sibelius Hall in Lahti, a concert hall famous for its outstanding acoustics.
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5–7 October 2018 The Nordic Fitness Expo
The Expo includes official national championships and stage shows.
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